Vent Cleaning

Vent Cleaning Vancouver WA
Dryer vents and the vents that cover your ducts collect a lot of dirt and grime. They can even be sources of mold and mildew. When vents get clogged they bog down the dryer or HVAC system, making it work harder and, therefore, less efficiently. Vent cleaning requires specific tools for a thorough scrub that does not bend or damage the slits in the vent. Air Vac offers quality duct and vent cleaning in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas.

As a locally-owned business, we stake our reputation on each job we do. We live and work in the same community and want to do an excellent job for our friends and neighbors.

How do we show we care?

  • We maintain an excellent rating with the BBB.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • The owner is along on every job to maintain our high standard of quality.
  • We never pressure customers to buy services they don’t need.
  • We offer free estimates over the phone or can also come out in person.
  • Our prices are affordable, upfront, and transparent—no hidden fees!
  • Our furnace and duct cleaning truck pulls 15,000 CMF (cubic feet per minute) of dirt and debris, for a comprehensive cleaning.
  • We are a well-established, locally-owned business with a trusted reputation in the community.
  • We never put out bait-and-switch advertising to get people to book an appointment, only to raise the rates when we arrive. We offer honest, straightforward pricing and services.

Quality Vent Cleaning in Vancouver WA

A common occurrence with dryer vents is finding that birds and rodents have made a home of them. When this happens, we remove the nest, while it is empty, and clean and sanitize the space. Animals living in vents can bring bacteria and bad odor with them. Their presence also blocks much of the airflow through the vent, taxing your dryer and causing a fire hazard.

Keeping your vents clean will

  • Increase the efficiency of your dryer (or HVAC system in the case of inside vent cleaning)
  • Decrease your utility bills
  • Reduce the risk of a dryer-cased fire in your home

Call now for a free estimate on vent cleaning in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding cities and take the first step toward home-safety.