Dryer Vent Cleaning





The buildup of lint in a dryer vent is one of the most common causes of house fires. The lint-traps in even the best dryers cannot catch all the lint created while drying clothes. It is important for your safety to have your dryer hose and vent cleaned on a regular basis to remove the excess buildup. Air Vac delivers comprehensive dryer vent cleaning in Vancouver, WA to keep you and your home safe from this serious fire hazard.

Not only is lint buildup a fire hazard, it also forces your dryer to work harder when the air does not easily flow out of the vent. This extra effort uses more electricity which increases your utility bills. The extra work can also amount to a shorter lifespan for the dryer, making dryer vent cleaning important on many levels.

Our through vent cleaning even includes checking your vents for nests. Birds find the warm dry space created by a dryer vent to be an ideal nesting spot. If you see a bird nesting in your dryer vent give us a call. We humanely removed the nest while no birds or their babies are in it.

Quality Dryer Vent Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

How are we different?

  • As a small, local business, we are dedicated to doing things right. That is why the owner is along to manage every job.
  • With us, you never get pressured to buy services you don’t need. In fact, we simply don’t pressure you at all, ever.
  • We don’t believe in hidden fees. We offer straightforward estimates and we stick to them.
  • Our furnace and duct cleaning truck pulls 15,000 CMF (cubic feet per minute) of lint and dryer vent debris, for a complete and thorough cleaning.
  • Other services send out advertisements offering a low, low price, only to significantly raise it up once they arrive. All our pricing is transparent and honest, we don’t believe in the bait-and-switch approach.
  • We are a well-established, locally-owned business with a trusted reputation in the community going back to 2006.

Contact us today and protect your family and home with dryer vent cleaning in Vancouver, WA.