Do you know what the primary cause for a dryer fire is? It is the failure to properly clean them. Even more astounding is the fact that data from 2010 showed that washing machines and dryers accounted for 4.5% of all home fires.

Here at Air Vac, we believe in educating our customers about home safety. Lives and money can be saved when people are simply made aware of basic fire prevention measures related to the use of their home appliances.

Due to the fact that clothes dryers are one of the leading causes of all home electrical fires, we want to share a list regarding prevention strategies:

  1. Make sure to have your dryer serviced and installed by a professional. These technicians are specifically trained to hook up your dryer properly, making sure that the connections and gas lines are free of leaks in the process. It is also a good idea to have them come out once a year to remove the accumulation of lint inside the vent pipe that leads outside.
  2. Remember to clean the vent pipe. Not everyone realizes the importance of this step. The lint from your clothes builds up over time and can clog up the vent pipe that connects your dryer to the outside of your home.
  3. Try not to overwork your dryer. Dryers will function more efficiently when they are dealing with manageable loads of clothing. Loads that are too large can place a great deal of stress on your dryer.
  4. Give it a break. Turn your dryer off when you go to bed or leave the house. The worst time for a dryer fire to occur is while you are away and if you aren’t home then you can’t call for help.