Some homes that have central heating will have difficulty distributing heat. This can be an issue in the extreme cold weather that winter often brings. The first thing to consider if this is occurring is to get your air ducts cleaned and your HVAC system serviced. The underlying problem could simply be a buildup of debris blocking the entrance of air into one room, or even throughout the entire home. With this cleaning, your unit will run smoother and have to work less to accomplish more. You will save money, and accomplish better air circulation throughout your home.

The next step would be to buy a space heater. This route might seem unnecessary at first. You already have a central HVAC system, so spending additional money may not make much sense. That said, if your ducts are clean and you are still experiencing problems, it may be something you need to consider.

While it might seem nearly impossible to get your home to the perfect temperature, you can come pretty close.  If you have questions about achieving great circulation or heat throughout your home, contact a air duct cleaner in Vancouver WA who knows their stuff.  Click here to contact AirVac today.