The last blog discussed the importance of having your air ducts cleaned as well as the importance of insulation and choosing the correct size of system. Now lets talk about maintaining your air ducts. Many other factors can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system and affect the air you breathe. A few of these issues are:


  1. Air Leakage: If the connections within your ductwork are not aligned correctly, become loose, or are not sealed properly, a leak can exist. To avoid this situation, the ducts within your home should be properly sealed at the registers and grills to reduce the chance of an air leak. Not only does this problem lead to energy loss, these leaks may also omit harmful gasses into the system. If you suspect a leak, a few things to pay attention to are; room temperatures that are uneven, stuffiness, and high energy costs.
  2. Dirty Air Ducts: The air filters in the HVAC system are responsible for ridding the system of impurities from the air. While efficient, these systems are not always perfect, and impurities can be sucked into the ducts. It is not uncommon to find dead insects, dust, carpet fibers, cobwebs, and other particles inside the ductwork, which can harm the air quality. These impurities can lead to health problems for homeowners. This problem can be remedied by cleaning the air ducts regularly.
  3. Restricted Air Flow: If the air within your home is not flowing efficiently through the ducts, the delivery can be hindered. This may force the HVAC system to work harder then necessary and increase your energy bills. You may also experience frequent breakdowns and a reduced lifespan.

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