Having your air ducts cleaned is an important aspect of maintaining your HVAC system. Homeowners should make sure to have this done on a routine basis. For the temperatures within your home to be regulated, cooled, or heated, the air will first pass through the air ducts. The next few blog posts will discuss a few common air duct problems and how to deal with them. The maintenance of this issues will keep your ducts running efficiently and  help ensure that your family is breathing fresh clean air every day.

A large portion of the energy lost when heating you home may be due to poor insulation within the ducts. Cooler air may absorb the heat as it moves through your ducts. Heated air being transported through the air ducts in the winter can lose the same energy to the colder environment if the insulation is not adequate. This problem can be solved by properly insulating your air ducts so the keep the air at the correct temperature. Air duct cleaning can also help to increase efficiency.

All HVAC systems are not created equal. The larger the space, the larger capacity HVAC systems should be. If the system is designed poorly, you may experience a significant energy loss and massive inefficiencies. A system that is too big may make you think that you will experience fresher air faster, but it will actually lead to great energy loss. If the system is too small, the system will have to work harder to control temperatures.

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