The use of indoor house plant can help purify the air you and your family breathes. These plants cannot filter your air or act as your ventilation system, but they can help. Investing in a few plants in your home can actually improve the air quality for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Just make sure that the plants purchased are not ones that will in turn make the allergies worse. If you are concerned about which plants are ok, contact your doctor first.

Most indoor plants are easy to care for and it is very important that you follow the instructions. Houseplants will demand different levels of sunlight and watering for them to thrive. Most plants come equipped with a plastic tab that describes the type of care they require. If all else fails, you can ask someone in the greenhouse where you purchase your plants! To read more about how houseplants can benefit the air quality in your Vancouver, WA home, click here!

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