This next series of blog posts will help to diagnose, test, identify, and cure or remove a wide range of obnoxious or even toxic odors in your home. These odors can come from a variety of sources including oil tanks or oil spills, pesticides, septic odors, sewer gases, pets, unwanted animals, dead animals, formaldehyde odors in buildings from building products or furnishings, plumbing drains, plastic or vinyl odors from building products, flue gases, and even abandoned chemicals at properties.

Tracking down odors that are associated with the heating or cooling ductwork can be a tricky task. This is not only because there is such a larger variety of possible sources of duct smells and stinky ducts than you might think, but also because once an odor source has made its way into the HVAC system, the smell can be delivered to any other place in the home. At AirVac NW, we want to help with finding the odor.

One common cause for the smell is the animals within your home (invited or not). More specifically it can be the result of pet urine or fecal waste, cat boxes, animal hair, dog dander, cat dander, and dust tracked in by dogs. In some situations the odor may be coming from a dead animal who made its way into your home and died within the HVAC system itself. Dead animals or even insect nests in the plumbing, especially building vents, can also produce unexpected sewer odors.

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