Have you recently purchased a new home? If your answer is yes, you likely are thinking that everything is new, so everything must be clean… right? Ideally, yes it is, but this may not be the case. Unbeknownst to you, there can be a significant amount of construction debris that makes its way into the duct system following installation.

In most situations, the ductwork will go into a home when the walls and floors are all bare wood. The majority of the finished surfaces are installed once the HVAC system is in. In many cases, the contractors will often cut the materials inside the home as its being built. Even if the major cuts are made outside, some minor cuts and trimming may still need to be done indoors. The floor and wall vents are typically open during this time, which can allow debris, dust, and dirt to get into the system. The HVAC system may even be on while contractors are installing the finishing materials. This allows for the air return side of the system to suck in the denbris. All of this can lead to your system being dirty before you even move in.

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