It is not uncommon for the ductwork of your forced-air HVAC system to be tucked away and go unnoticed. When they begin to act up, you may blame the problem on the other, more obvious units.

Next time you begin to notice an underperformance of your systems, poor air quality, or high energy bills, it might be time to call in the professionals at Air Vac NW

Over time, your ductwork system will begin to accumulate, which can lead to damage. If you begin to notice any of these circumstances or conditions, consider having your air ducts inspected:

  • Ducts that rattle or clamor
  • Uneven airflow
  • An accumulation around the diffusers, pointing towards a build up of debris
  • Musty odors that might indicate mold and mildew
  • Energy bills that are higher than usual

After a long winter, spring is a great time of year to have your ductwork inspected!

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced air duct cleaner in Vancouver WA to inspect your ducts, contact Air Vac NW today. We can have you breathing fresh air in no time! Click here to read more about us.