A lot of people hire someone to clean out their air ducts this time of year. It is not uncommon for the companies that offer advertised low prices to rip off their customers.  They tend to offer services for low prices, but these deals often do not include an entire system clean. In many cases there is a fine print that will state the additional vents, returns, and mains are an additional cost. These companies also may claim the existence of mold and offer a mold cleaning service, which can be quite expensive.


This video shows a hidden camera investigation of companies that advertised coupon deals for duct cleanings. Each of the companies came back with a significantly higher estimate than the ones quoted in the ads, these prices ranged from $214-$1400. One claimed to find mold and recommended a mold treatment.

When you are searching for a reputable company to clean your air ducts, you should always do your research instead of simply calling on a coupon deal.  A good company will have great reviews with the Better Business Bureau.  If the company you end up choosing discusses mold or health related issues, it is always a good idea to reject them on sight.  Click here to read more about the types of companies you should avoid.


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