In the last blog we discussed the possible causes of unidentifiable home odors. More specifically we discussed pets or unwanted animal guests and their contribution to the possible smells. This blog will cover diagnosing and avoiding odors caused by bacteria growth within the HVAC system and what you can do about it.

Bacteria can grow in the HVAC system coils. As this occurs the coils will become cool and damp, which in turn creates the perfect scenario of growing bacteria. This growth may be the reason behind the smell that occurs when the heating is turned on. The odor becomes noticeable when the heating goes into action, creating a smell of mildew in the air. The smell will become even more apparent when the outdoor temperature goes below 40 degrees, causing the HVAC system to defrost. Aside from the nasty odors, there is another good reason this smell should be dealt with. Bacteria is associated with disease and it is in your and your family’s interest, to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

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