The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and the EPA define “duct cleaning” or “HVAC system cleaning” as a cleaning of the entire system.  At Air Vac, we consider “The entire system” to be:

  • The AC or furnace unit
  • Main trunk lines that connect to that unit
  • All branch runs from the main trunk

The NADCA also states that the “system to be cleaned” is any internal surface which air moves across.  You should know that any company that you call for “duct cleaning services” should be able to prove that all of their methods comply with the NADCA and EPA guidelines.

At Air Vac, we consider our services to meet and exceed all of these guidelines.  We do this to earn the respect of our customers, and to provide them clean air to breathe.  We think that anything less, is unacceptable.

Imagine hiring someone to clean your home, only to discover that they skimped on certain areas. Maybe they forgot to dust the furniture or clean the windows. In this situation it would be normal to feel taken advantage of. We never want to put our customers in that situation.

With us, Vancouver residents get great duct cleaning services at great prices.  If you want your ducts cleaned the right way, call Air Vac NW.  For cleaner air and a more efficient HVAC system, click here to contact us.