If you currently are looking for air duct cleaning in Vancouver WA, look no further than Air Vac. When you contact us, you can be sure that you are getting quality work at a price that is fair.

When lint or other particles are left to build up in your air ducts, it can lead to a fire or poor air circulation. Furnace and duct cleaning may not seem like important matters in the beginning, when left unchecked, they can turn into expensive and dangerous matters to fix.

Laurie Bost is the female owner of Air Vac NW. She provides dryer vent cleaning, insulation removal, and air duct cleaning in the Vancouver WA area.

Having regular inspections of your HVAC system is an important aspect of ensuring your home is clean and has safe air ventilation. Your HVAC inspector’s job is to conduct comprehensive examinations of the components and systems within your home. During their examination they will attempt to determine whether or not they are contaminated with a great deal of microbial or particulate growth. The performance of your HVAC system can be compromised by this build up.

A few other services you can find at Air Vac NW are:

  • Entire system re-sanitizing
  • Clean filter grill area
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Duct work and HVAC unit inspection
  • Odor-kill blocks
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Bird nest removal from exhaust vents

To schedule a regular maintenance cleaning or inspection of your dryer vent or HVAC system, contact Air Vac today. They can help you with all of your air duct cleaning needs. Check out our blog for more information about the ways we help our customers achieve clean air in their homes.