Bird Nest Removal

Bird Nest Removal Vancouver WA
Birds love to make a home out of the warm, dry space available in a dryer vent. When they do, they lessen the airflow and make your dryer work harder. Unfortunately, birds and/or their offspring can also die in the nest, creating a terrible smell throughout your home. Air Vac offers gentle bird nest removal from the dryer vent in your home. When the bird nest removal is complete, we place a cover over the vent to eliminate the future risk of other birds or rodents making a home of the vent.

The extra work a bird’s nest puts on your dryer has several negative impacts:

  • The extra work the dryer has to employ to overcome the blockage in airflow makes it pull more power, thereby increasing your utility bills.
  • That extra work can also shorten the lifespan of your dryer and even create electrical problems.
  • The blocked hot air poses a serious fire hazard.

Humane Bird Nest Removal in Vancouver, WA

We make every effort to ensure that no birds are harmed in the process of a bird nest removal. If we see that the nest has babies, we wait out the short time it takes for the babies to go out on their own and leave the nest. We remove the nest only while it is empty and have, at times, even been able to re-home the nest nearby.

Dryers are the most common cause of household fires. They need to be able to run efficiently and smoothly in order to function safely. A bird’s nest complicates the process and increases the threat of fire to your home. Call us if you hear or see birds around your dryer vent. We compassionately remove the nest, keeping both the birds and your home safe.

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