What criteria should I use in selecting a Residential HVAC ,Furnace, dryer vent cleaning contractor?

  • Make sure any air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, or insulation removal company you find in Vancouver WA or in the state of Washington is legally established. The company should be listed with your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Verify that the company cleans HVAC and Furnace, dryer vent parts such as A/C coils & blower fans.
  • Find out if the contractor has a policy regarding accidental equipment damage during the cleaning process.
  • Ask how many technician(s) will be on site to perform the work.
  • Get a list of references; make sure to call those nearest to you.

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What criteria should I use in REJECTING a contractor upon arrival?

  • Un-marked truck – can show signs of a sub-contractor or a non-professional.
  • If the cleaning equipment looks like it fits in the trunk of a car then it’s probably not the right type of equipment.
  • Remember a professional will ‘Inspect first’- If he/she tries to bring any heavy equipment inside before inspecting & testing your system ~ reject them.
  • Companies can try to up-sell any job that you didn’t discuss or asked about at the time of booking.
  • If they offer any HVAC upgrades or added on additional repairs right from the beginning before even viewing or testing the system you should be concerned.
  • When contractor is late or suddenly cancels for no apparent reason, that is reason enough to reject any professional.
  • If they fail to produce any inspection tools upon demand for example a bore scope, video probe and or camera.
  • When technicians in don’t look properly dressed for the job or seem dressed inappropriately for a respected business and for business hours.
  • If the cleaning equipment looks dirtier than your ducts. Remember you have every right to inspect it!
  • When they talk about mold and or related health issues while inspecting the equipment and the furnace ~ Reject them
  • When they say that the house or the system is bigger than expected this is a very common red flag send the operator home! ASAP!